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At Lamaignere, we are specialists in transporting goods from Italy to Andalusia and from Andalusia to the Canary Islands when required: an essential service highly demanded by our clients operating in diverse sectors. Having skilled professionals and well-developed infrastructure in these locations allow us to provide this service with maximum reliability, quality, and personalized attention. 

Characteristics of our service between Italy and Andalusia include: 

  • Collecting merchandise from any point in Italy. 
  • Weekly Friday departures from Italy.
  • Truck arrival in Seville Monday/Tuesday (Approximate transit time of 4 calendar days).
  • Delivering the merchandise at any point in Andalusia (within 48 hours of unloading the truck at our hub in Seville).  
  • Our flexible services allow our customers to initiate transport of merchandise from any point in Italy and deliver to any area of Andalusia in less than 7-calendar days. 

And if required, we can extend this service as far as the Canary Islands 

Do you require your merchandise to be delivered to the Canary Islands? With the 'Italy direct' service we can: 

  • Deliver merchandise at our hub in Las Palmas on Gran Canary Island within 9-calendar days from its departure point in Italy. 
  • Deliver merchandise at our hub in Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife within 10- calendar days from its departure point in Italy. 
  • Reship merchandise from our Island hubs to the smaller Islands. 

To inquire about this service and request additional information, please email us at or call us at +34 954 28 28 80. Our sales team will be glad to assist you.



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