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Are you considering selling your business? We may be interested in buying!

With more than 110 years of experience and with presence in more than 14 countries, we at Lamaignere understand the challenges that come with running a business and that at certain stages in life, whether for business or personal reasons, one may choose to divest. It could be due to lack of succession possibilities, wanting to dissolve a partnership, changes in lifestyle choices, new opportunities, or barriers to further investment.

A better option to simply dissolving your business is to offload it to someone else that may be able to carry on the legacy.

We will consider purchasing small to medium sized businesses, within our industry, that have a strong track record, a healthy financial history, good reputation within their market and reasonable growth potential.

From the moment you plan to sell, Lamaignere and its Corporate team will ensure that the transition is done as smoothly as possible, allowing you to transfer your business in a discretionary manner.

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