“ We know perfectly the needs of Aeronautics industry. ”
We help the requirements of the aeronautical industry where we provide specialized transport and logistics solutions to the leaders and main clients within this niche. A transport service that we provide in the main global epicenters of the aeronautical field.
Due to the needs of our clients located in this area, the transport service for aeronautical merchandise must be characterized by speed, agile response and 24/7 service. It is required for this type of aeroparts so that they are in the right time in order to improve competitiveness and meet customer satisfaction.
AOG, Critical or Routine are some of the services we offer for this industry which we have the experience of serving market leaders.
We also have the ability to offer a complete management of the logistics related to the MRO. We are aware of the impact it has on the costs and productive capacity of companies.
Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand in the aeronautical sector.

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