“ We are committed to the photovoltaic solar industry sector. Our expertise and operational coordination support us. ”
Within the logistics and transport field, we know that the key of sucess consist on offering reliable and optimal solutions to complex projects where the client must have the best advice and know the impact of the correct decision making when assessing the viability of the project.
The photovoltaic solar industry is one of the most demanding markets. A compromise is expected between all the companies that operate in the project so that the merchandise is delivered in the estimated time and in correct conditions.
Lamaignere has been participating in several projects for several years due mainly to two reasons. On the one hand, Spain has become the second country in Europe to install photovoltaic solar panels, and on the other hand, the exit abroad of companies that can carry out large international projects.
As of today, we have managed thousands of TEUs related for this sector and we have participated as Logistic Interlocutor in important projects aroun the world. 

Fundacion Lamaignere

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