Lamaignere Chile and Lamaignere Spain attend FIDAE, an aerospace meeting held in Chile

Several representatives from Lamaignere Chile and Lamaignere Spain attended FIDAE (International Air and Space Fair) from April 9th to the 14th.

FIDAE, the International Air and Space Fair, is the main aerospace, defense, and security exhibition in Latin America. Thanks to its long and successful trajectory, it now enjoys worldwide recognition, becoming the leading showcase in the region. In this regard, Lamaignere, as a provider of global transportation and logistics services specializing in the aerospace sector, considered it essential from a commercial standpoint to attend and participate in this event for several days.

The sessions were very beneficial, as they facilitated meetings with various companies, provided insights into the sector's short-term perspectives, upcoming changes, and ultimately offered a closer look at one of the world's most strategic industries.

"From Lamaignere, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting companies in the aerospace sector in optimizing their logistics chain. We are constantly aware of the demands for excellence, knowledge, and continuous learning required by this sector, and at Lamaignere, we must be prepared to implement solutions based on excellence accompanied by cutting-edge technology. Additionally, our extensive experience with key clients such as Airbus allows us to replicate this know-how for other actors in the supply chain”, says Boris Marin, responsible for Lamaignere Chile.

Below, we share several photos.



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