Lamaignere SMS

“Maximum shipment reliability and visibility”.

Lamaignere SMS (Shipments Monitoring System) is a powerful digital tool that measures shipment location, temperature, humidity, shock , and light exposure with maximum precision. Our monitoring system uses the latest global cellular, WiFi, and GPS technologies. Moreover, it relies on integrated sensors that allow us to prepare data reports in real time.


No configuration
is required


Activate by pushing a single button!

You can use it by:

  • Reading from outside the box.
  • Placing it inside of merchandise box.
  • Place it on a pallet.

Single-use or
recharge and reuse


You can select the single-use option and dispose of the device upon shipment completion or recharge and reuse it for multiple shipments.

In either case, there is no need to return the device, thus eliminating the need for reverse logistics.

Fully rechargeable
LITHIUM battery


The rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 120 days, and you can fully recharge it in just 1 hour.





An ideal solution for all types of products



Food and food equipment


Refurbished products



Military armament


Brittle materials (glass)

Haute couture

Musical instruments

Robotics, mechanics, and machinery

Clinical and laboratory material

High-value stones

Organic products

Shock sensitive merchandise

Construction and high technology

Home appliances

Photovoltaic material

Surgical and hospital material

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Hydraulic and thermo-hydraulic installations

Plants and flowers


Dangerous goods


Raw Materials

Temperature control

First Imports/Exports

Materials for fairs and events

Recording & telecom. equipment

Vulnerable or endangered species




Lamaignere SMS has an integrated reporting log that receives position corrections via WiFi and AGPS. In addition, it can receive reports via SMS when the device is in motion or alerts when the merchandise fails to meet pre-established route specifications.

When merchandise status reports reach the SaaS Tive, logistics professionals can actively manage shipments and eliminate avoidable damage and shipping delays.

Thanks to this platform, users can obtain critical data and historical traceability reports on their merchandise at a GLOBAL level at no additional cost. The de vice can broadcast its location from more than 200 countries and track data via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.







TiveTag, a temperature control solution

What features does TiveTag offer you?


Sustainable and reusable

Sustainable and reusable

Temperature control

Temperature control

4,500 Record storage capacity

4,500 Record storage capacity

Supports temperatures ranging from -30º to 50º

Supports temperatures ranging from -30º to 50º

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