“The fastest and safest means of transport for your goods. We are IATA.”

Our goal is to assure the best solutions for your transport needs, so we put at your disposal the best airlines in the world and a tracking system to be in contact with your merchandise.

In Lamaignere, we offer of all our customers an international freight transport. Services which should be adapt to requirements and custom needs. We have a wide team of specialists for this cargo. It is necessary to have experience and knowledges.

The Aviation Logistics Network is an independent association of international logistics service providers. This network structure provides a high degree of localised decision-making skills, when attending and monitoring individual freight solutions.

Lamaignere as ALN Partner, have to coordinate Spanish language members.


You can choose two options depending on your custom needs:


Ideal for customers who need urgency in sending godos. We have a team of specialists, direct connections with the United States, Mexico and Chile, fast connections with any country, and of course, specialists in urgent transport that will running your merchandise, by continuously monitoring her and taking care of their safety to its corresponding hand delivery to the destination. All in a matter of hours.


Service for customers who consider the price is more important than the transit time. We offer a delivery time accompanied by an economic and competitive prices for the consolidated shipment. The transit time is for several days.

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