Why should we invest in the United States? Main premises.

There are many people who consider the United States as the first reference worldwide in economic terms, despite the progress made by the Asian economy.
At the time of considering investing in the United States, previously there is a series of basic premises associated with this country that make the attractiveness of this territory remarkable.

We give you eight reasons to invest in the United States

  1. In terms of populations, this country exceeds 300 million people. With entrepreneurial spirit and internalized character to do business. Which is translated to the eyes of many investors in thousands of companies and niches.
  2. The qualification of the workforce is high. What makes it relatively "easy" to find professionals from different productive and technical branches.
  3. The country has strengthened the development of industrial clusters. That is the concentration of companies in a geographical area of the country related to a certain sector. A clear example is the aeronautical industry.
  4. Infrastructure network. The country has an extensive road network. We can also highlight the presence of the main ports in the world in volume of merchandise traffic and number of airports.
  5. All documentation and procedures that have to be done with foreign investment support freedom. We allude to the freedom to settle, to receive aid from the Government and long-term credits.
  6. The American economy is based on free trade and historically, it has always been a very reluctant country to apply interventionist policies.
  7. Flexibility at the management level. In everything that is related to taxes and taxes.
  8. Your "strong" economy label. Many experts in economics and finance consider the United States to be the world's strongest economy in the face of structural changes on the part of the consumer and the markets.
In any case, from Lamaignere USA we provide all the support so that companies that want to export or import in this market, have the help of professionals in transport and logistics.


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