Lamaignere, for the second consecutive year, continues planting trees.

We are pleased to announce from Lamaignere that, for the second consecutive year, we have carried out tree planting in collaboration with Reforesta, a non-profit association dedicated to promoting sustainable development.

Since the beginning of this initiative in 2022, a total of 150 trees have been planted by Lamaignere on behalf of its clients. In the first year, 100 trees were planted in the municipality of Meco, located in the Community of Madrid. Now, as we close the year 2023, an additional 50 trees have been planted in the Parque de las Canteras (Zubia, Granada), an area undergoing a long process of environmental restoration with the involvement of the Environmental Education and Participation Program of the University of Granada.

Through these initiatives, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment and reaffirm the significant progress we have made since the launch of the Green Plan 2024 in 2022. One of the key actions in our green agenda is reforesting natural spaces, allocating a portion of our profits, thanks to the trust of our clients in Lamaignere's services.

We would like to share some photographs from this recent tree planting:



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