SCL Airport - Special Operations “Covid-19”

As per current contingence in Chile, please permit inform you the special hours in the local operations (Airport, Ports, Customs, Etc.)
  • Customs Authorities: Local customs have special hours, offices are open only for from 8:40 to 14:00. For urgencies, all other formalities needs to be made by email or special link inside the web page ( The formalities for import and export have special extra times.
  • Airport Warehouses: Each warehouse into airport have their working-hours, almost them work only until 14:00 hrs. In relation to the decrease of the personal on warehouses, the internment of each flight could delay in 3 or 4 hours in relation to the normal process (the normal process delay between 4 to 6 hours).
  • Airline´s Space: Space with Airlines it´s specially reduced and restricted, space need to be blocked with many days in advance, and the cancelation could have penalties or extra cost.
  • Lamaignere Chile: We are working as normal with teams operating from homeworking.
If you need or required any additional information, please feel free to contact us through


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