Lamaignere participates in the Aerospace Meetings Querétaro 2022

The Lamaignere Mexico team has been an active participant at the Aerospace Meetings Querétaro 2022 on June 22 and 23. A transcendental event for Lamaignere and the aeronautical industry, since it’s an international meeting that connects  all the companies that participate in the supply chain within this sector.

We must recall  that Mexico is a world leader in the aerospace sector. In the last nine years, this sector has grown 17.2% on annual average and went from the tenth to the sixth place among the countries that export the most to the aeronautical industry.

"For Lamaignere, it is one of the most important verticals in terms of turnover and without a doubt, we are a reference for many leading clients in this sector in order to manage the logistics and transport. We know the importance of complying with the highest standards of quality and demand in the handling of this type of merchandise." the company says.



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