Lamaignere Mexico leads logistics management for the Tren Maya, marking a milestone in the Mexican infrastructure project.

In a notable logistical achievement, Lamaignere Mexico has consolidated its capabilities by efficiently managing the logistics of the Tren Maya, one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Mexico and a challenge for the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The global freight forwarder, with over a century of experience in the sector, has been at the forefront of transporting various materials essential for the project, including ballast, track equipment, components for electrification, and rods for sleeper production. This context has involved a significant movement of ships and operational volumes to meet the established deadlines.

Firstly, it is worth highlighting Lamaignere's logistical approach in Mexico, specifically using a self-unloading ship, an unprecedented technique in the project. This has expedited port operations, allowing for increased transportation volumes in a shorter period, reduced pollution, and delivery to the Tren Maya's section 3.

Lamaignere's successful coordination is evident in the logistical management of various vessels over different timeframes and substantial volumes to supply sections 3 and 2 of the Tren Maya.

This project aims to enhance connectivity in the southeast region of Mexico, promote tourism, and generate economic development. Lamaignere joined the project in the first quarter of 2022, with a targeted completion date in 2024. Currently, significant global figures are being handled, such as approximately 450,000 metric tons of ballast, 6,500 metric tons of track equipment, and over 420 containers for transporting electrification poles and rods for sleeper production.

These global logistics projects are a source of pride and allow Lamaignere to be a witness and executor of various sections of the Tren Maya. The project reinforces and aligns with Lamaignere's commitment to operational excellence within the Mexican territory.

Below, we share the best photographs from these recent operations:



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