Logistics in Florida. Epicenter of international trade between United States and Latin America.

When we talk about the state of Florida, it is likely to imagine beautiful beaches and forests. But in the freight transport sector, we see logistics in Florida as the commercial epicenter for transactions between United States and Latin America.
Florida is a state rich in infrastructures, airports and seaports that makes an interesting place for thousands of entrepreneurs to carry out commercial operations. Such is the impact of logistics in Florida, which welcomes a fifth of the export companies in the United States,
approximately 60 thousand companies.

Is it a ideal place for generating business opportunities?

Of course. Its proximity to the Latin culture makes it a natural center that welcomes the investment of thousands of Latin and US companies to carry out transactions from or to Florida.

Other relevant factors for the logistics in Florida

In spite of the ideal enclave in which it is located. The logistics in Florida is favored by other aspects. The optimal location of Florida has been the subject of interest by state politicians, who have opted for the improvement of logistics infrastructure in Florida, investing large amounts of money.
Also when the same geographical area accumulates a large number of companies, they begin to appear agglomeration economies, which are no more than the benefits obtained by the proximity of companies.
In addition, logistics in Florida is benefited by the low taxes charged to companies and positioning the state of Florida as one of the lowest rate of taxes charged to companies.

Lamaignere: a great option for import and export with Florida

At Lamaignere we are aware of the importance of efficiency and custom-made in the freight service. For this reason, we provide the opportunity through our offices in the US, Chile and Mexico to export and import efficiently without losing quality.
Our presence in the most strategic places in Latin America make our transportation services an essential part of the supply chain for companies.


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