Lamaignere Shipping arrives at the Port of Huelva with a great operation

Last month of May, Lamaignere Shipping, S.L. formalized the registration as vessel consignees in the port of Huelva. This means that the company specializing in port services within the Lamaignere Group already has four strategic positions in Andalusia and it can manage several operatives as the main agent.
Huelva has followed in the footsteps of Seville, Algeciras and Cádiz. As it could not be otherwise, the decision to set up in the Port of Huelva stems from the great growth experienced by the port environment in the area in recent years not only nationally, but also at European level.
The premiere at the port of Huelva could not go better. So much so that we premiered with an operation of great consideration consisting of the management of more than 55,000 tons of Clinker.
Our head of Lamaignere Shipping, S.L .; Alejandro Sánchez affirms that "our customers will positively be present in one of the most important port and multimodal environments of Europe and, on the other hand, we reconfirm our strategic position in Andalusia by encouraging the acquisition of customers and the loyalty of current customers."


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