Lamaignere Mexico coordinates the loading of ballast for the Mayan Train from Puerto Veracruz to Puerto Progreso.

Recently, we can share interesting news about the Lamaignere team in Mexico. Last 22th of November, the Port of Progreso had the arrival of the ship CSL Argosy, whose origin was from the Port of Veracruz and was transporting 21,000 tons of ballast stone.
The coordination and operational management of the shipment has been carried out successfully by our team of professionals from Mexico. With this operation, Lamaignere shows great capacities, experts and the most important aspect, our capacity to response and offer solutions under situations of logistical complexity where every second counts.
The CSL Argosy, due to its significant dimensions, allows it to bring large volumes of cargo. Specifically, it has a length of 244 meters and a beam of 32 meters. The merchandise belongs to the Azvindi company, which is assigned section 3 of the Mayan Train Project, and it will cover 172 kilometers along the states of Campeche and Yucatán, from Calkiní to Izamal. 
We share the best photos of this operation:


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