Successful Lamaignere Sales Congress in Seville

Emotional days of intense work and productive meetings for Lamaignere. Lamaignere organised the International Sales Congress in the Global Omnium Auditorium in the city of Seville with the great participation of 14 countries where Lamaignere has an international presence.

More than 120 participants gathered at this meeting which could analyze the evolution that Lamaignere has undergone in the more than 110 years of experience in the sector, the milestones that the company has reached in recent years, despite the outbreak of the pandemic, and of course, the clear purpose for the future. 

Internationalization will continue to be one of the cornerstones of Lamaignere's project for the coming years, and in fact, it is expected to continue with the exponential trend. It should be noted that 12 years ago, the only international location was in Chile, however and nowadays, Lamaignere has 14 physical presences at an international level spread throughout America and Asia.

"Monitoring, excellence and growth will be the 3 key aspects on which we will base our strategy in the coming years. We are confident that we will be able to access more global clients, connect more traffic between the countries where we are and of course, continue with the growth trend." affirms the company's management.

Below we share some of the best pictures of this international sales congress.


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