Lamaignere Chile consolidates its experience within the aeronautical industry with a complex logistics operation

The aeronautics industry continues to be a key vertical for Lamaignere. As a global freight forwarder, we support to this strategic sector in different parts of the world. For this reason, we have the best professionals in logistics and transport to coordinate this type of operations.
Recently, Lamaignere Chile organized the entire process of unloading the KAMOV Helicopter, which arrived from Valencia (Spain) to carry out Emergency tasks in the Extinction of Forest Fires in Chile.
The highly complex operation includes coordination with the Maritime Port Authorities, the assembly and takeoff of the aircraft in record time from the Port of San Antonio.
In short, all the logistics implementation was coordinated to arrive on time and satisfy the high demands that the operation required, in addition to all the regulations to carry out the process without delay.
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