Lamaignere chartered 10 airplanes with health care products thanks to the connection China-Spain

From the beginning of the State of Alarm in Spain, Lamaignere has chartered 10 airplanes from some Chinese airports such as Hangzhou (HGH), Shanghai Pudong (PVG) and Tianjin Binhai (TSN) for several Spanish destinations: Madrid, Sevilla and Saragossa. All this list of health care products and equipments are necessary for companies who need to send to their employees materials and protection to combat this pandemic.

An interesting figure about this operative coordinated by Lamaignere China and Lamaignere Spain confirms more than 170 tonnes. On the other hand, the high level of success and quality standars is only possible to the great collaboration, knowledge and experience of our internal experts of Lamaignere in both countries.

For Lamaignere is deeply gratifying to collaborate in the sending of this health care equipments for Spanish companies

In addition to coordinating these 10 airplanes, Lamaignere managed 5 operations in similar conditions for a total of 5500 kg.

Undoubtedly, this project confirms our direct connection with China thanks to be present in the Asian continent with more than 10 Chinese local offices and of course, Lamaignere shares experience in the movement of health care products and equipments. An essential industry in global terms.

You can view more images about these charters in our industry of health care or in our zone of projects.



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