Lamaignere and Telefonica develop a new project of digitization

The Managing Director of the Lamaignere Group, Francisco Herrero, and the General Director of the Southern Territory of Telefónica Spain, Jerónimo Vílchez, today we have signed a collaboration and agreement to carry out the digital transformation of the Sevillian group specialized in the logistics, port and forwarding sector in order to improve the competitiveness, efficiency and customer service.
In the logistics sector, having tools that provide monitoring of the goods and the conditions of their environment, in real time and with quality results, is already an indispensable requirement for any company in the sector that wants to provide confidence to its customers in the transfer of your goods. These solutions ensure real-time control and visibility of the location and conditions of a merchandise when it is stored or transported, thus reducing the inefficiencies of the logistics chain.
Telefónica will provide a solution of Extreme to Extreme and Global Cargo Tracking, with worldwide coverage, which will position Lamaignere as a technological reference in international transport. This solution is based on physical devices (trackers and beacons) that collect context or specific load data (GPS location and sensors) and a platform for managing devices, alerts and reports.
This solution allows to know where the load is in real time; protect it from theft and loss; ensure that the environment conditions (Temperature, Humidity, Shock Detection System, etc.) and transport conditions have been optimal; improve internal processes allowing greater efficiencies, cost reduction and improvement of service quality; minimize the cost for delays, losses and theft of merchandise, and guarantee confidence in the immutability of the data recorded thanks to TrustOS, a tool that allows you to easily integrate blockchain capabilities through Telefónica's Blockchain Activation initiative.
Also, within the framework of this agreement, taking advantage of technological knowledge by Telefónica and adding the experience of the Lamaignere Group in its different business divisions, there will be conferences to disseminate technological solutions for digital transformation for companies ; develop technological pilots, and hold innovation events and forums in the target markets of both companies, such as Latin America.


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