Lamaignere and Marlab Marketing Laboratory obtain positive conclusions from the 4Helix + project survey

Last November 27 Marlab Marketing Laboratory presented the final results of the study framed under the European project "4Helix +" at the headquarter of the Lamaignere Group.
A project in order to have information about the market, as well as, to have feedback from the most important clients that are located in all its strategic markets. To do this, the Commercial Department sent an anonymous and brief survey to a representative part of our clients in order to collect the data of the research process.
For the Lamaignere Group it has been a pleasure to receive positive information and we want to share with you:
  • 61% of customers perceive that Lamaignere's quality of service is higher than competitors.
  • 88% are considered as satisfied" and "very satisfied" with the Lamaignere service. Highlighting the experience of the staff as the first factor.
  • A large part of our target is in Spain (75%) in which sectors such as Chemicals, Technology, Retail, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Health and Energy appear.
  • On average, the companies that participated in the study had 25 years of existence and did their business both nationally and internationally (78%).
  • The regions where the majority of the sample is using logistics services are Europe, America and Asia (including China).
  • In future intentions. 56% believe that they will receive the same services and instead, 25% understand that they will increase.
We hope that this research will serve as a prelude to continue improving all our logistics services in the future and that, of course, we will listen to our clients in order to always exceed their expectations.


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