Lamaignere participates in the trade mission to India organized by Andalucia Trade and Andalucia Aerospace

Lamaignere continues to work to boost the aerospace industry through a trade mission to India, which took place at the end of last June.

India represents one of Lamaignere's most important markets due to its high specialization in the aerospace industry. In fact, this is the second consecutive year that we have participated in a mission of this nature. During this trade mission, the main objectives were to highlight the opportunities in the aerospace sector in India, identify key players in the industry, visit manufacturers' facilities, and gather information on the country's intellectual property.

In addition to Lamaignere, other companies such as Titania and M&M from Cádiz, Grupo Sicnova from Jaén, and Airgrup, Airtificial Aerospace & Defense Engineering, Canagrosa, Alestis Aerospace, Andalucía Aerospace, and Airgrup Machining from Seville participated.

India represents a significant growth opportunity due to its rapidly expanding economy and strategic position in Asia. The country's commitment to infrastructure development and projects aligns perfectly with Lamaignere’s expertise and services.

We share with you some photos from this mission:



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