Important Information about the War and the Suez Canal

To all customers of Lamaignere's maritime transportation service:

In recent days, attacks on shipping vessels passing through the Suez Canal have escalated due to the actions of the Houthi rebels, a group from Yemen. As a result of the Gaza war, these rebels are hindering the navigation of vessels in this area.

The consequence of this situation is that, due to the lack of security and protection for goods, commercial vessels are compelled to detour around Africa and cross the Cape of Good Hope to reach Europe and Asia. This alternative undoubtedly leads to increased transit times and associated service costs. It also causes disruptions in services along routes between Asia-Europe and vice versa.

At Lamaignere, we deeply regret this situation, which is beyond our control as a freight forwarder, and we hope for a prompt resolution. Our commitment is to keep you informed about any developments related to this incident and, of course, to provide the best alternatives to our clients.

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