Lamaignere shares its experience in transportation and logistics during a visit to Navantia Cartagena alongside companies from Andalucía Aerospace

Lamaignere, a leader in transportation and logistics solutions, actively participated in a trade mission at Navantia Cartagena alongside over thirty companies from Andalucía Aerospace. During the 11th and 12th of March, the company engaged in a series of meetings with the aim of exploring collaboration opportunities and sharing its extensive experience in the sector.

Throughout the visit, Lamaignere not only had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the facilities and technological capabilities of Navantia Cartagena but also shared its expertise in transportation and logistics solutions with the purchasing team of the company. Additionally, possibilities for future collaboration in submarine programs and other projects in the aeronautical industry were explored.

Lamaignere's participation in this trade mission reaffirms its commitment to development and collaboration in the aeronautical industry. With expertise in transportation and logistics, Lamaignere positions itself as a key ally for companies seeking to optimize their operations and strengthen their supply chain in this constantly evolving sector.

Below, we share some photographs from this mission.



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