Lamaignere begins digitalising its international shipments with real-time traceability

As we announced in November 2019, Lamaignere and Telefónica signed a collaboration agreement to carry out the digital transformation in the sector. This involved using tools that track and give the status of the goods. And this commitment is becoming a reality after the commissioning and testing with some of the customers.

We saw a clear example last week, when AERTEC Solutions, an international engineering firm specialising in aeronautics, and one of our leading customers within the aeronautical industry, collaborated with us to install a Tracker in their shipment that offers comprehensive information about the status of the goods and the situation with shipment from origin to destination.

On this occasion, the goods whose destination was the UMEX 2020 Abu Dhabi International Fair were used as a test to show, with the international and regular traffic offered by Lamaignere, its positive impact on its customers in terms of traceability and control of the status of the goods throughout the process.

AERTEC have sent us the photo of the TARSIS at this fair.



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