Lamaignere collaborates in the green hydrogen revolution with On-Site logistics solutions

Under our strong commitment to sustainability, the Lamaignere team has decided to contribute its know-how and logistical expertise to the green hydrogen industry. Specifically, we are developing on-site logistical operations for a client dedicated to the design and manufacturing of advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer systems.

Lamaignere, leveraging its team of professionals, visited the client's facilities and carried out specific cargo transfer tasks, providing support to the client's technical team in material movements within their premises.

This strategic approach reflects Lamaignere's commitment to transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.By joining this initiative, Lamaignere not only showcases its ability to adapt to the growing demands of the sustainable industry but also contributes to the global push towards a greener and environmentally respectful future through specialized logistical expertise.

Below, we share some photos of these logistical operations.



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