All about Korean culture. Important to do business in the country

It is quite obvious that when we intend to do business in a new country, the behaviors are not the same with respect to our country of origin. It happens in any place with cultures that are similar to us and is accentuated even more when they are from other cultures located in other continents. 
Therefore, it is very important that you have all the possible information about Korean culture if you intend to do business with a market that is increasingly important within Asia and the rest of the world.

What five main aspects of Korean culture should I know?

  1. They are great advocates of their language. This has allowed them to create a sense of national identity by not using other languages such as Japanese or Chinese. It also serves as a control in the handling of information.
  2. More than ten ago, more than 50% of the population admitted not having religious preference. Although they prefer to talk more about moral code than about the concept of religion.
  3. It is an open and increasingly open culture. This requires that any investor must respect their traditional customs and the eagerness that the country has to grow. More if possible after the so-called "Miracle of Korea" that is taught in many economics and history classes.
  4. They have a strong family bond. Any incident on one of them affects the rest. This causes them that the individual needs are below the needs of the group. This is true for many centuries and is internalized in Korean culture.
  5. After, from the family, work is the most important thing. They respect the figure of the boss and the role played by his subordinates. In education they are taught that the important thing is to be grateful to everyone, even more so, with the ancestors.

We help you to do business with Korea

From Lamaignere Korea we help you to take your first steps with the Korean market either to export or import. Our team of professionals will advise you from the first step.


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