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The US aerospace industry is of great importance and expenditures are mainly supported by the government of the United States, being the only country in the world that invests more in military spending and the only one with the world’s largest fleet, as the number of new civil aircrafts have recently increased.
Aerospace industry is significant for both exporting and importing companies, and in North America it is expected to grow by 22% until 2029 with a budget of 2,730 billion euros. This growth is due to the technical obsolescence of aircraft materials as more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly lighter aircrafts are currently on demand.
Why is Spain an attractive market for the US aerospace industry?
• Highly skilled workforce.
• Great research-oriented clusters, training of professionals and promotion for careers in aeronautics.
• A large investment in this sector.
• Access to state-of-the-art technology.
• Specialized technological centers.
• Competitive for their economies of scale, experience and expertise in the sector.
Lamaignere has made it to Florida, the main aeronautics operational area in the USA.
Located on the southeastern region of the United States, the state of Florida has been considered to have the second largest economy in the south and Lamaignere appeals for contributions in their aerospace logistics coordination. 
Some of the factors that make Florida a perfect location are:
• Approval of Hispanic companies and regular communications with Hispanics.
• Large companies in the aerospace sector are based in Florida.
• High expenditure in aerospace industry.
• Four main clusters such as the aviation center, transportation, airlines and simulation. Their aviation centre is considered to be the third largest cluster in the US.
• Military installations.
Thanks to these factors the state of Florida has become a strategic location both for importers and exporters of aerospace materials and other type of goods.
Lamaignere as a logistics company offers coverage in all transactions and solutions for aerospace logistics and transportation to important suppliers of aerospace materials in both Spain and destination countries.


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