"Because we use it: we clean, maintain and conserve".

Lamaignere's environmental commitment and sustainable project is the back bone of our 2024 Green Plan. With the motto 'Because we use it: we clean, maintain and conserve.' we aim to be participants in a societal change with a firm desire that all our day-to-day activities contribute to the preservation of our planet.

We also want our interest groups (Clients, Suppliers, Employees, and Shareholders) to be part of this commitment. For this reason, we have implemented the following ten measures as part of Lamaignere's culture, all of which comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (numbers: 7,12,13,14 and 15).

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Lessen the need for printing. Printing less is synonymous with caring for the environment. Thinking before printing is a remarkable way to help the planet.
Acquiring electric or hydrogen-operated trucks to reflect our commitment to move merchandise in an eco-friendly manner. All merchandise we deliver will be transported using these 100% Lamaignere owned vehicles.
Maintaining a healthy environment by planting trees: trees help combat global warming; reduce erosion; clean our air; provide a canopy for animals, as well as shelter from rainwater, thus minimizing damage from floods or landslides; etc.
Adopting a sustainable paper policy: by using recycled paper throughout the company will consequently protect trees by reducing paper production. Using recycled paper is our simple way of ensuring that reprocessed material has a second life.
Illuminating with LED LIGHTS only at our offices. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, and their use is a clear example of how a small daily action or gesture can help.
Garnering electrical machines in our warehouses. Using electricity-operated machinery in our routine activities is another way of taking care of the environment. Using such machinery has a direct impact on our fossil fuel-based energy consumption.
No to using material that contains plastics! We strive to use only products made of sustainable material in our daily activities at our premises.
Eliminating physical files and thus further reducing the use of paper. As a result of the digitization process that we have undertaken at Lamaignere, all files related to our clients are now digitally processed and maintained.
Reducing CO2 levels by contracting, where possible, air transporters that strive to decrease gas emissions in their operations. Reducing gas emissions means reducing pollution in our skies, and having a healthy atmosphere means having cleaner air to breathe, which is good for our health.
Eliminating plastic waste from our waters: Lamaignere allocates part of the profit it generates from its maritime shipment business to cleaning the seas by removing tons or plastic in collaboration with a company dedicated to this task.
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